Get the acting career you want with...

A supportive, all-inclusive membership for actors who are ready to level up. 

Do me a favor, think back to when you first started acting...

How much further along would you be today, if you knew then
what you knew now? 

That's the problem, right?! You don't know what you don't know. And you spend YEARS figuring it out. I did.

Look, I'm sure you've had some success in your acting career. I'm also sure that on multiple occasions you  -

Blamed your agent (or lack thereof) for where you're at
Felt annoyed that your career feels like you're just submitting to the void
Complained about the business side of the industry and not getting enough opportunities
Or even worse, you feel so overwhelmed so you do nothing

All this does is keep you right where you are spinning your wheels and hoping things will change with time. If you're super honest with yourself at this moment, you're not where you want to be....yet.

Unfortunately,  you'll continue to stay there, until you choose to break your pattern...or you give up.

I know giving up is not an option! So it's time to stop wasting time & money and finally -


Eliminate blocks and excuses to get out of your own way.

Be Remembered

Package and pitch your bookable brand to get known faster.

Book More

Leverage proven strategy to create more booking opportunites.

With community, content and coaching so you don't have to go-it-alone anymore.

Holistic business skills, strategy and systems are NON-NEGOTIABLE for your acting business.

Hey there! I’m Jodie Bentley, an NYU Tisch trained actor, producer and audiobook narrator who's worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, Apple TV & more.

Since 2008, I’ve helped actors achieve their goals, stop the self-sabotage, build their authentic brand, package their marketing tools, network like a boss, and land agents and managers.

And I totally get being overwhelmed & frustrated as an actor.

When I graduated NYU, I had no clue what I was doing when it came to the business side. I literally floundered for 8 years trying to piece a career together. My results were ok… but random and rare. I was missing something, but didn't know what.

I was so sick of not knowing exactly what to do that I read every freakin’ business book I could get my hands on. 

Then the light bulb moment - I'm a product AND I'm a business owner! I started taking branding and business  principles that worked in the real world and morphed them for our creative profession.

I built my acting biz  authentically, smartly & holistically... everything changed.

Within 6 months, I got my Actors Equity card, my first theatrical agent, an Off-Broadway show, and I got to do the cast recording with Stephen Schwartz. 

I finally had the info I didn’t know I needed to know. Now you will too...

Within 2 weeks of following the agent strategy she had a manager, a theatrical agent & a commercial agent!

Since working with Jodie, I’ve had CD’s say “I love your look,
you know what your doing
I followed her strategy for finding representation in The Actor's Think Tank®. Within an hour of my

first email blast, I had 5 meetings set up. Two weeks later, I signed with a new agent, new commercial agent and my first manager! Every one of my meetings said my press kit was perfect and
they knew exactly how to sell me.  
The Think Tank was instrumental in getting me prioritizing. Because of insight I gained into my
own chaos & how to stop it, I was able to shoot
my first movie as a producer/writer in 4 weeks!

Angela Dirksen, Actress, Writer, Producer

Signed with a theatrical agent and a commercial agent, increased his
income and opened doors!

Holy cow what we’ve accomplished! I systematically approached my branding and headshot prep and my new shots are brand-centric and gorgeous. I landed a new theatrical and commercial agent and  I just got called in to audition for my dream show and got a callback!   I was also was challenged to boost my business role-play and standardized patient work with a pitch video and Linked-In testimonials all woven into an effective webpage.  That in combination with the pitch e-mails continues to bring in work. I have more jobs than I can handle now! Jodie & Think Tank are such a blessing in my life for a thousand reasons.

Doug Shapiro, Actor, Singer, Business Role-Player

Have You Ever Said...

I want to get in more rooms and don't know how!

I want to have a plan and a strategy that I follow through on!

I want headshots that feel like me and get me auditions!

I want to feel confident about pitching myself!

I want representation who gets me and who I love!

I want to be an advocate for myself in this crazy business!

I want to stop making excuses and getting in my own way!

I want someone in my corner showing me what to do!

The Actor's Think Tank® is designed to massively accelerate your progress so 

you never spend another year regretting you weren't further along.

As an actor, there’s no roadmap to get where you want to go, but you need one!

I’ve designed a Complete 7 Step Proven System to take the mystery out of acting success and help you
embrace the biz of the biz with ease.

 Because you don’t know what you don’t know!

There ARE ways you can achieve what you want.
There ARE methods that work. 
I've spent years perfecting those methods.

They are ALL in The Actor's Think Tank®.

You'll learn all my clear-cut strategies and techniques for:

Social Media
Getting an Agent
Interview Prep
Goals & Milestones
Relationship building
Actor lifestyle

Wished She Knew About The Actors Think Tank® When She First Started Out. Her Booking Ratio Increased 200%!

Jodie delves into topics, such as creating your brand and how 
to market yourself with such detail that you don’t feel like
you are lost, overwhelmed. She provides
worksheets and exercises on branding that are interactive, fun and make
you think outside the box
to give you a deeper sense of self! 
It will truly save you time, energy and money by having
her insight and support from 
the get go. I've booked SO MANY projects. I now have a competitive reel.
I even booked a play that took me to NYC!

Rosa Pill, Actor

Finally has the career they want built on their values and a brand they love, then signed with a Manager who gets them!

I'd felt totally out of control in my career. Jodie helped me take that power back by helping me align with my core values and crafting concrete, manageable, actionable steps. It made me feel so much more confident and powerful. Destigmatizing the idea of branding  completely changed the game for me - we crafted exciting new materials like my reel, website, and headshots. Then I signed with a management team who completely "get" me and believe in me! Jodie helped me make the strides I'd been dreaming of with sensitivity, kindness, expertise, and hilarity!

Eliza BlairActor

The 7 Steps of Actor's Think Tank®

The Actor's Think Tank® addresses 57 topics of the Acting Business to design the career you want. 

What took me 8 years to figure out after I graduated acting school, will take you mere months. 

1. Personalization

Be 100% confident in the choices you make without regret or FOMO by knowing your Values as you learn to master and reframe your Excuses and Limiting Beliefs.

2. Passion

Stop second guessing everything with your 20 Year Plan! When you know what REALLY lights you up, overwhelm is gone and replaced with joy and fulfillment.


Sick of blaming time and not hittingyour goals? You’ll get my BADASS Goal Setting System plus all my productivity tools to give you a structure and freedom.

4. Product

Take your power back by knowing what you sell and the stories you tell. Embrace your Brand to break your brand, in a way that is authentic and breaks down doors.


Get your best headshots ever with my Killer Headshot Prep and craft ALL your brand-centric marketing materials to be remembered, always.


Uncover your limiting money beliefs and understand your Monthly Nut. Implement a Financial System to stop the anxiety and watch your money grow.

7. Pitch & Promotion

Share who you are effortlessly & interview like a boss to land your dream team with my Art of the Interview prep. Make networking fun and create authentic connections.

Active Online CommunitY

Grow your community with like-minded actors in The Actor’s Think Tank® Online Group. I'm in there answering your questions!

Coaching & Community BONUSES!

In addition to our entire 7 step program and online community, you also get an extensive video training library including ALL past calls and trainings, discounts on other tools and services for your career,  AND you also get --

Two LIVE  Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls

I want you to apply everything you learn as fast as you can!  Twice a month, I'll see you LIVE  to address your specific questions as you work your way through the steps of the Think Tank.

Weekly Co-Working Sessions

 Accountability is how we get shit done! So... 4x a month - yes every week, my team holds a work session for you to get work done towards your careers and stay accountable to yourself. 

Monthly Specialized Training

Every month a guest teacher who's a mover and shaker in our industry will support you in moving forward in your career. The topics will go deeper into different facets of your career.

Monthly Mixer with Fellow TATT Members

 This is not a go-it-alone business. Come and meet other members,
find accountability partners and socialize in breakout rooms! Connection is key for growth
and joy!

If you’ve been keeping track - this means you get to see me and my team LIVE 8x a month!

You’re going to get sick of seeing us!  We're here to make sure you walk the walk and talk the talk to developing the career you want.

This isn’t a membership where I give you content and leave you to your devices.

We're here with you and for you.  ❤️

I'm a numbers gal. 😊 Numbers don't lie. 

Let's break down the value of the Think Tank membership
FOR ONE YEAR in relation to other actor courses, workshops and trainings.

Access to the Complete Course, Templates, Worksheets and Examples - $2700
Two Live Monthly Coaching Calls - $6000
Monthly Specialized Training - $3000
Weekly Co-Working Sessions - $1500
Direct Access to your Coach and a Community of like-minded actors - INVALUABLE

TOTAL VALUE: $13,200

You get all of this for only $97/month!

What Actors Like You Are Saying

Finally got brand-centric headshots and marketing materials that work, signed with a manager and booked a feature!

By working through the steps in The Actor’s Think Tank®  I got clear on my brand and the stories I want to tell, aligned all of my marketing materials,  implemented a social media and  outreach plan that felt authentic and effective. 

I quickly signed with a new manager and today, less than 10 months after getting started with the Think Tank, I’m writing this testimonial from Mississippi where I’m shooting an independent feature film starring Morgan Freeman and Cole Hauser! 

Jodie helped me strategize my move back to Europe, revisit and adapt my branding and marketing materials to this new market and connect me with other actors in her network to get insights and advice from across the pond. 

I'm already on my third booking since arriving in Paris and am rehearsing for a feature film that begins in early April.

I know I wouldn’t be here if it hadn’t been for the work I did with Jodie and all of my actor peers who held me accountable and supported me along the way.

-Luke McClure

Doubled her income,  now has the marketing tools to back up her talent AND booked multiple projects!

I’m a big fan of Jodie’s branding process in TATT and how that has informed my new headshots. Working with Jodie on my branding has been a game changer for me. 

I think what’s been the biggest internal change, is the confidence to market myself knowing my worth and feeling that I have the power to direct my career where I want it to go.

Results so far: I managed to double my yearly income - in the pandemic - by focusing on expanding my network, and marketing myself effectively. I’m on track to double my income again this year.

- Loveday Smith

Moved to LA and signed with a manager and an agent!

Working with Jodie and the TATT community has been extremely helpful to my career! Jodie has helped me with my branding, headshot preparation, website and other marketing materials. 

We worked together to create 4 distinct looks for the type of roles that I would be submitting for. I got to go into my headshot session with clarity and awareness of what I needed to capture. She is so knowledgeable about the industry and I learned a lot from her expertise. 

Everything I learned helped me move to Los Angeles and immediately sign with an agent and a manager. I've been getting consistent auditions.

Being part of the TATT community has made me feel not alone in navigating my career and it has helped me develop a positive mindset as I move forward with my goals.

- Noreen Quadir

His career is going strong in 4 markets with his new brand-centric marketing tools and another agent on his team.

Before working with Jodie there was something missing in my career. Working internationally and straddling two different worlds,  I never knew how to succinctly define myself, my work and where I wanted to be. After working with Jodie this has all changed. In a few words I can confidently tell you what I am all about and what I want out of this business.

I just filmed a supporting role in a feature film and booked another feature shooting in LA . I’ve added a Canadian agent to my team and my manager campaign is going great as I’ve had three solid meetings. Just the other day I was asked to come onboard and produce a short film in Miami.

The Actor's Think Tank® is a  fantastic tool for us as actors and allows us to confidently make a mark in this industry. You have to KNOW every part of your business. Jodie helps you get there. We're very lucky to have someone like Jodie in our corner.

- Rupinder Nagra

Shed her limiting beliefs, recurring on a major network pilot and is opening doors she never dreamed possible!

Since working with Jodie, I’ve made major strides on the business side of my acting career. With The Actor’s Think Tank®, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs that were getting in my way, figured out what drives me to be an actor, set concrete goals that I could actually achieve on practical timeline, figure out what product I’m selling and how best to market it, and give myself a system to manage my money and watch it grow.

I now have brand-specific headshots that tell casting exactly who I am as an actor. Plus, the confidence I’ve gained has really shown in my auditions, so that I’m now recurring on a major network pilot, starring in what’s essentially a one-woman play, and getting called in for auditions and callbacks for studios and production companies I never thought I had a prayer of getting in front of before.

- Kay-Megan Washington

Is The Think Tank Membership Right For Me?

I love googling sh*t. I do it all the time. You can figure out a lot of stuff that way. 


It’s impossible to build your acting business by trying to piecemeal free info you get off the internet! You'll never build a strategic holistic career that has longevity by doing that.

You don’t know who you can trust. 🥺

You don't know if the information is up to date. 😳 
You don’t know if what they’re teaching is tried, true and tested or just that one thing that one person did that one time. 😡

If you find yourself googling things like -

    ☞ How to get more auditions
    ☞ How to build relationships with casting directors
    ☞ How to get to the next level in my acting career
    ☞ How to get an agent
    ☞ How to build my acting brand

    I invite you to try a different strategy. So......

    Can you say YES to any of the criteria below?

    You're a creative person and long for some structure.
    You’re unsure about what to do next and feel stuck.
    You’re tired of feeling frustrated and blaming the industry - you want to take your power back.
    You feel drained and like you've tried everything but you're willing to do something new.
    You've been avoiding the business side of the biz and recognize that it's not serving you any longer.
    You desire to do things differently. Your mind and heart are open.

    If so, I know you'll receive massive transformation, support and value inside The Actor's Think Tank®

    What Think Tank Members Have to Say...

    Signed with 3 Agents & Booked a Film

    Signed with her #1 Manager Choice!

    Super Confident & Booking More!

    Gamechanger in her growth & mindset

    In Prague and signed with US agent!

    Here's What I Promise You...

    By definition a Think Tank is:  

    a group of experts who are brought together to develop ideas and give advice on a particular subject.

     ✅ Yes, I am leading this Think Tank. 
     ✅ Yes, I’ve been developing ideas and testing strategies since 2008.
     ✅ Yes, you will get my advice and knowledge.

    And notice the definition said group of experts?

    YOU are an expert in yourself and in the type of career and life you want. Know that. You are full of intelligence, instinct, and strong opinions. 🔥

    That’s who belongs in the Think Tank. 

    An actor willing to ask the simple questions and the hard ones. 🙋🏻‍♀️
    An actor ready to embrace and own all of who they are. ❤️
    An actor who believes we all rise together. 💫
    An actor who will support their fellow artists and receive support in return. 👥

    Yes, you’d be joining the Think Tank to define your brand, get an agent, get more auditions, build a networking plan, manage your mindset, etc.

    And know this... the membership is deeper than that. ✨

    I grew up with a special needs sister. Laurie was the older one. I was the bossy one. Her happiness was my goal and she completely shaped who I am as a human. My deep core values of integrity and belonging stem from my 8-year-old self yelling at the boys who’d walk by our house to make fun of her playing in the yard.

    💥 I believe in inclusion, and everyone being seen and heard. That’s at the core of who I am as an artist and a coach. 💥

    In this community you'll be seen and heard, always.

    My goal is, of course, to get you the acting career you want. That’ll happen by following my 7 Step System.

    My bigger goal is for you to have agency over your career, and feel empowered every step of the way. 💪🏻

    That is my promise to you when you are in this community
    . 🥰


    “I just wanted to write you a note of gratitude. You are remarkable! I realized during the session how much you do. By taking on the coaching role for us crazypants actorfolk, you inadvertently also become therapist, health and beauty mentor, supporter, cheerleader, ledge talker-downer, role model, and a kind of mom all wrapped in one. You have an uncanny and wonderful talent of listening to and meeting people exactly where they are, making them feel safe and seen. What you’re doing isn’t easy. All while running your own artistic career! Just wanted to let you know how much I admire and respect you for who and what you are, and I’m incredibly grateful for getting to work with you. That’s all. ”
    - Ryan Andes

    In my 20+ years of experience with coaches, directors, therapists, etc., Jodie Bentley inexplicably hits an amazing balance between role model and big sister, academic thinker and practical "down to business", aspirational goddess and in-the-trenches actor just like you and me. In the coaching marketplace, this is one of a kind.
    - Heidi Lauren Duke 

    So....Let's Get Real.

    Knowledge is power. Community is key. Your dreams and goals are too big AND too important.

    Now what?  Well, you have a choice.

    Keep on keeping on and hope and pray for a different outcome.

    Research and learn on your own slowly through trial and error. (It took me 8 years.)

    Join The Actor's Think Tank® and fast track your results without excuses, frustration or distraction.

    Seriously, if not now - when?

    You Deserve to Have the Career You Want.

    The Actor's Think Tank® IS your missing link.

    And you'll finally know what you don't know AND have a community supporting you.

    Isn't that a relief?

    Get the Content,
    Community and, Coaching You Need!

    Join within the next 15 minutes and get 3 months FREE to  -

    This is a business of relationships. In The Actor's Office, I’ve taken my proven relationship-building systems and audition tracking tools that have helped hundreds of actors get repped & book jobs, and created an easy-to-use software to build your career faster.

    This is for actors who want to stop letting contacts fall through the cracks and make better decisions in their acting business by understanding their stats.

    The timer has expired!

    Monthly Plan

    Pay as you go.
    Month-to-month Commitment.

    The 7 Step Working Actor System
    Two Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls
    Monthly LIVE Training w/Guest 
    Monthly Client Mixer to Connect!
    Weekly Accountability Work Sessions
    Access to an additional video library with years' of trainings
    Access to all past Q&A Calls
    Thriving Online Community for ongoing coaching & networking

    Yearly Plan

    Join for the year and save $150 PLUS get two extra high value bonuses!

    The 7 Step Working Actor System
    Two Monthly Q&A Coaching Calls
    Monthly LIVE Training w/Guest 
    Monthly Client Mixer to Connect!
    Weekly Accountability Work Sessions
    Access to an additional video library with years' of trainings
    Access to all past Q&A Calls
    Thriving Online Community for ongoing coaching & networking
    7 Secrets to the Crowdfunding Game  ($347 Value)
    Market & Build Your Side Hustle ($147 Value)

    Save $194 - get two months free!

    14 Day Money Back Guarantee

    I stand by my work and my system. And once you get in the membership, you’ll see why. If for some reason, after two weeks you realize my community and content are not for you, then we’ll happily refund your purchase.

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