3-Hour Workshop to Master the Art of The Agent Interview!

Actors give up their power in agent interviews. 

You tend to place your potential rep on a pedestal and leave
your personality outside the door or Zoom room. 

AND...you forget that YOU are in control.

Let me ask…

Have you ever left an agent interview and thought - “Ok….but now what?”
When you're asked, Tell Me About Yourself, does your heart start pounding and you answer with - “What do you want to know?”
When you get meetings with a rep, do you spiral into a panic wanting to get it “right”?

If you said yes to any of those…. how’s that been working out for ya?

Look, you spend SOOOO much time and energy landing that coveted meeting by:

Writing your pitch
Emailing agents
Following them on social media
Researching their IMDb
Asking for referrals 

💥 Once you're IN the room, is not the time to fall prey to the wing-it mentality.💥

Group of people having a video conference

You’re relinquishing control, putting the ownership on them, and ultimately doing your career a disservice!

I know you’re a talented actor. 

But if you aren’t able to navigate the interview and speak intelligently and vulnerably about who you are, what you want, and where you want to go - opportunities will pass you by.

There is an art to the interview and I’m going to teach you how to do it.

In This 3-Hour Recorded Workshop You’ll:

Master Interviewing

I'll teach you my proven five steps to prep for all your  interviews where you'll kill it each and every time....and enjoy it!

Be a Pitching Pro

You'll role-play out how to answer the question  - Tell Me About Yourself that fully represents who you are!

Know How to Close

Now you'll avoid the mistake most actors make in every interview that is costing you opportunities.

Tap into Your Power

I'll share with you what agents are REALLY looking for...and it’s not what you think. Let's just say knowledge is power.

Be Savvy and Impress

Learn about  the one marketing tool that separates you from the pack… and it’s not your headshot or reel.

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Everyone who registers gets a very  special gift. Shhhh…..it’s a secret AND extremely valuable.

Howland Wilson

"I've signed with a fantastic manager, gotten commercial and theatrical reps, got pinned for two major TV shows, shot a music video, and starred as the lead in an LGBTQ+ short film."

Kay-Megan Washington

"I recently an added an NYC agent to work with my  agent in the Southeast. This helped me book a recurring role on a major network pilot,  and I'm getting auditions and callbacks for studios and production companies I never thought I had a prayer of getting in front of before."

Doug Shapiro

"I landed a new theatrical and commercial agent and  I just got called in to audition for my dream show and got a callback! Jodie is such a blessing in my life for a thousand reasons."

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Hi I'm Jodie Bentley...

...an NYU Tisch trained actor,  producer, and audiobook narrator who has worked for Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS and many more. Since 2008, I’ve been a career coach for actors and in 2022 was named one of the Top 20 Coaches in Los Angeles in Influence Digest. 

I empower actors to stop the self-sabotage, build an authentic brand, achieve their goals, land agents & managers, and craft a marketing strategy to create the career they ACTUALLY want. 

I've taught workshops  at SAG-AFTRA, Actors Equity, Comicon, and over 50+ universities and training programs. I've been an adjunct professor and built the Business of Acting Programs at New York Film Academy, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Pace University, and Studio School.

I know how frustrating it is to be an actor. Competitive, impactful, business skills are the main thing you are missing in our oversaturated industry. And you need a roadmap.

So...you can continue to spin your wheels hoping to be noticed, relying only on your craft or charm, and keep daydreaming on the career you want, OR you can be a proactive savvy actor who understands business principles and how to leverage them to fast track your career.

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